Our installation service follows precise steps and complies with RBQ standards in force for B52 pressure vessel tests. From the analysis to the preparation and pressure, vacuum and efficiency tests, our team guarantees efficiency, reactivity and an absolute tailored product.


Réfrigération Actair always guarantees a quality installation and an outstanding final result and make sure to cut pipes, remove burrs, flare pipe ends and connect them as perfectly as standards require it during each step.


More than 90% of our installations since 1991 have revealed an impeccable after-sales service! This is due to an excellent product temperature preservation and an operational commissioning that always meets our clients’ design.

Freon and CO2 refrigeration system experts

Need Freon and CO2 refrigeration system experts for your equipment? We are the solution to all your needs and projects!

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High-tech equipment

01. Misting systems

Our efficient Corrigan and Miatech misting systems will reduce product losses by 50%, keep your food fresher, longer, increase humidity by 95% and ensure water and electricity savings as well as a higher profit.

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02. Refrigerated display cases

We sell and install several high-performance display cases, such as Arneg and Dauphinais, among others, which will maintain the right temperature for your products. Freshness is always guaranteed.

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03. Integrated refrigeration and freezing units

Our range of great refrigerator brands—True, MKE, QBD, Habco and MATCO, among others, will keep your food fresh and meet your refrigeration needs, whether supermarkets, superstores, corner store chains, other chains, specialty stores, restaurants, hotels or refrigerated warehouses.

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04. Walk-in coolers

Our refrigeration experts will commission and install our well-known and highly reliable walk-in cooler brands—Norbec and Norex—and meet your layout plans until you are fully satisfied.

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05. Walk-in blast freezers

Our bakeries, restaurants, testing product manufacturers or pharmaceutical businesses walk-in blast freezers always meet production quantity and MAPAQ standards freezing times and optimal temperatures.

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06. Condensing units

Our high-quality and technological walk-in cooler and blast freezer condensing units will provide an excellent energy efficiency and make you save on your electricity costs greatly. Benefit from many quality brands, like Refplus, Keeprite, Carnot and much more… and meet your needs.

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07. Air conditioning systems

We specialize in the installation of VRF system—an optimal variable refrigerant flow—and VRV system (variable refrigerant volume) of well-known brands, like Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, and much more, to provide an excellent air conditioning installation and an optimal ambient temperature.

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Steps of the installation process

01. Analysis and preparation

At first, our specialists will analyze and prepare the installation optimally and calculate the equipment capacity and pipe dimensions by following the plans and the optimal temperature of the frozen products.

02. Installation and tests

At this stage, our team of refrigeration experts will install the equipment and pipes that comply with the highest standards. To complete the installation, we do two types of tests—pressure and vacuum—that will avoid refrigerant loss.

03. Commissioning

In the end, after an analysis, a careful preparation, a supervised installation and precise and optimal tests, we will commission the equipment and you will then witness a unique and operating efficiency.


A tested, optimal and efficient installation

Types of tests


To ensure all accessories and equipment connections are well set up, our refrigeration experts will perform a pressure test with nitrogen up to 1900 lbs—depending on the system—from 24 to 48 hours, which they will flush later.


To check the refrigeration system pipe connections and prevent leaks and future costs, our refrigeration team will vacuum up to 60 microns for some devices.


To provide an efficient and optimal equipment installation, Réfrigération Actair and its team of refrigeration experts will check the voltage, the amperage, the operating pressures, superheating and operating temperatures.

Our service and maintenance program

Whether to buy, install, maintain, repair or place your equipment, Réfrigération Actair guarantees a flawless quality service. Count on our refrigeration experts to carry out your projects!

One thing is for sure… we will always be at your side, thanks to our one-year warranty and our preventive maintenance program tailored to your needs and budget! Also, no matter the emergency call, we answer it quickly!

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High quality guaranteed

Quality control

Quality control is always done with our pressure, vacuum and efficiency tests, preventive maintenance service and control systems that check temperature and maintain defrosting we provide our small and big business clients. Also, alarms connected to the business or the alarm centre will notice you when the temperature critical point has been exceeded.

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MAPAQ standards

When it comes to commission and install refrigeration equipment, as misting systems, refrigerated display cases and walk-in coolers, Réfrigération Actair complies with the MAPAQ temperature standards in force so all food stays fresh without any losses.

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One-year warranty

All new refrigeration equipment bought at Réfrigération Actair and installed by our refrigeration team comes with a one-year warranty.

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