24/7 assistance service

Facing an emergency is never easy… that is why we provide support and after-sales services. Your calls are never left unanswered, and our experts who have high standards of efficiency will be at your place in less than two hours for any freezing problems and less than four hours for any refrigeration emergencies.

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Remote technical support

Need a monitor technical support—Micro Thermo or CPC ? Our refrigeration technicians always on the lookout for new technologies and constantly trained by experts will provide a flawless customer service and will do anything to make your installations work efficiently 24-7. Nothing is more important than your satisfaction.

Expert frigoriste | Service d'entretien | Réfrigération

Freon and CO2 specialized assistance

Whether you have or want Freon or CO2-powered equipment, call our team of refrigeration experts. No matter the refrigerant, all installations and maintenance benefit from a quality service including an efficient procedure, optimal pressure, vacuum and efficiency tests as well as a one-year warranty.

Équipement au Fréon et CO2 | Service d'assistance

Types of tests


To ensure all accessories and equipment connections are well set up, our refrigeration experts will perform a pressure test with nitrogen up to 1900 lbs—depending on the system—from 24 to 48 hours which they will flush later.


To check the refrigeration system pipe connections and prevent leaks and future costs, our refrigeration team will vacuum up to 60 microns for some devices.


To provide an efficient and optimal equipment installation, Réfrigération Actair and its team of refrigeration experts will check the voltage, the amperage, the operating pressures, superheating and operating temperatures.

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Refrigeration inspection #1

Here is what your plan can include:

  • Display cases and walk-in cooler equipment inspection
  • Equipment room and rooftop unit check
  • Condenser cleaning and check
  • Ventilation unit cleaning and check: air conditioning and heating
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Refrigeration inspection #2

Here is what your plan can include:

  • Equipment room check and cleaning
  • Refrigerant level check
  • Outdoor condenser check
  • Refrigerated display cases and walk-in cooler check
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Refrigeration inspection #3

Here is what your plan can include:

  • Walk-in cooler inspection
  • Equipment room check
  • Outdoor condenser check
  • Storeroom equipment check
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Leak test

Here is what your plan can include:

  • Refrigerant leak detector check
  • Equipment room alarm tests
  • Refrigerant level check
  • Complete leak tests (equipment and pipes)
  • Passageways above and below slabs
  • Self-contained unit cleaning
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Condenser cleaning

Here is what your plan can include:

  • Fan blade check
  • Engine check
  • Control adjustment
  • Condenser lubrication if needed
  • General check
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